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Emergency Veterinary Care For Your Pets

Terra Nova Village Veterinarian provides emergency services for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and exotics. Our highly skilled veterinarians and staff will provide your pet with the best possible emergency medical and surgical care.

We are proud to offer technologically advanced digital X-rays, laser surgery, and onsite lab diagnostics, which allow us to rapidly respond to a medical emergency and achieve the best possible outcome for your pet.


Signs of a potential emergency:


Animals have a natural tendency to hide their injuries and acute illness. Seeking immediate medical attention if you suspect an injury provides your pet with the best opportunity to have a positive outcome from their trauma. Delays in seeking medical attention can result in life-threatening consequences or death. It is strongly recommended that you seek emergency care if your pet is experiencing any of the following:


-Accident or injury—Hit by a vehicle, a physical confrontation with another animal, or a great fall

-Bleeding—From an injury or in the urine or feces

-Poisoning or ingestion—Chewed or swallowed a hazardous chemical, plant, chocolates, medication or foreign object (i.e., toys, keys, rocks, etc.)

-Diarrhea/vomiting—Repeated or severe diarrhea or vomiting

-Respiratory difficulties—Repeated coughing, shallow or laboured breathing, or choking

-Behavioural changes—Pacing, aggression, whimpering, sleep changes, or withdrawal from normal activities

-Dietary changes—Loss of appetite or increased urination


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